Dennie's Manufacturing employs a number of skilled fabricators who can meet a wide variety of different fabrication needs. We can cut, bend, and assemble metal to your specific needs. We have experience manufacturing machine frames, heavy equipment components, and many other types of equipment and machinery.


Dennie's Manufacturing has a variety of different cutting tools, including cutting torches, band saws, cut-off saws, and an Omax waterjet cutter. Our Omax waterjet cutter has an overall cutting head traverse of 4' x 8', allowing us to efficiently cut fairly large pieces of sheet and plate metals.

Omax Waterjet Cutter

Omax Waterjet 55100 Cutter, capable of cutting steel plates up to 6" thick.


Dennie's Manufacturing can accomodate a wide variety of different bending needs for the manufacture of sheet metal parts.


Dennie's Manufacturing is capapble of handling a variety of different assembling methods including but not limited to welding, adhesives, and fastening.


Dennie's Manufacturing has a fully ventilated painting booth, and our services include painting and powdercoating of fabricated parts, machines, and components.

Dennie's Manufacturing Inc.
2543 State Rt. 21 North
Canandaigua, NY 14424

Phone: (585)393-4646
Fax: (585)396-9693

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