Knife Assembly

Knife assembly that was designed and built by Dennie's Mfg. The knife assembly was designed to solve a customer's problem of precisely cutting test samples.

Dennie's Manufacturing Inc. is able to reverse engineer complex parts and assemblies, as well as assist in the design of entirely new parts. Our expertise in the field of manufacturing and machine design allows us to provide our customers with practical engineering solutions. This capability allows Dennie's Mfg. to assist customers in a variety of different ways, including the design of entirely new components and machines to meet our customer's specific design requirements. Our facilities include the CAD programs Autodesk Inventor and Autocad Mechanical, which allows our employees to create detailed engineering models and drawings of  your components.  These CAD models and drawings ensure that any parts we reverse engineer or design for you will work for the application you need them for.

Quality Control

Dennie's Manufacturing takes pride in the quality of our work. In order to ensure the quality of our manufactured parts, Dennie's has two bridge style Sheffield Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) which are capable of extremely accurate measurements. Many parts manufactured by Dennie's Mfg. are checked using the CMMs for dimensional accuracy. This process helps to ensure that all dimensions of manufactured parts fall within desired dimensional tolerances as defined by our customer's engineering drawings.

QC Pictures

Part on CMM

A small part shown on one of Dennie's two CMMs.

Starrett 400 Optical Comparator

Starrett 400 Series Optical Comparator

Sheffield CMM

Sheffield Endeavor 12.15.10 CMM

Sheffield CMM 2

Sheffield Endeavor 9.15.10 CMM

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